Community involvement

Nos implications

Social involvement is very important to Lobe. Every year, we get involved in our community in a number of ways. We strongly believe that our support can make a major difference and help build a better society.

Fondation Sourdine and the École oraliste

Year after year, Lobe has supported a cause that is near and dear to our hearts: the Fondation Sourdine, which supports the École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds.

In 2019, Martin Cousineau, President and CEO of Lobe, even became the new president of the Fondation Sourdine. Mr. Cousineau dedicates a lot of time and energy to helping deaf and hard-of-hearing children flourish and reach their full potential.

Lobe is also involved in the Les Saveurs du Théâtre fundraiser for the Fondation Sourdine. During this event, students from the École oraliste put on an oral play, despite their deafness. The play is specially written for them. Lobe is proud to take part in this incredible evening each year. All funds go to the foundationto help finance students’ tuition, among other things.

What’s more, Lobe has been participating in the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie for the past 10 years, raising more than $80,000 for the École oraliste to help it renovate its gym and schoolyard.

The future of audiology

To help build a legacy for future generations of audiologists and ensure that the profession continues to grow, Martin Cousineau, President and CEO, and Francine Morrisette, audioprosthetist, decided to support higher education at Université Laval. To that end, they have donated $300,000 to the university’s Faculty of Medicine, in addition to a planned bequest of $1,000,000. This donation will be used to create the LOBE Hearing Health Audiology Fund, which will financially support education, training and research in hearing health at the Faculty.

Université Laval’s audiology program will officially launch in September 2020. This is amazing news for Quebec’s hearing health field!

Supporting students

To support audioprosthology students, Lobe has collaborated with its own audioprosthetists to launch the Relève program. This program lets Quebec audioprosthology students to get to know their future career by meeting hearing health professionals and taking part in paid internships and jobs.

Supporting entrepreneurs

Martin Cousineau is a well-known and respected businessman who donates his time and money to the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce. He generously shares his business knowledge by coaching young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Cousineau is also involved in Québec City’s youth chamber of commerce as a governor and is a member of the Quebec federation of chambers of commerce.