The human side

Volet humain - Lobe

At Lobe, we believe that individuals are a company’s greatest strength. That’s why we work hard to support the well-being and success of each person.

Our top priority is offering unbeatable service to our patients. It’s become our motto: at Lobe, we treat humans, not ears! To offer the outstanding service for which we are known, our employees need to feel happy and heard. We make sure the workplace is a great place to be.

Happiness: all day, every day

We have a very clear mentality when it comes to our employees: happiness doesn’t end at the office. In other words, we strongly believe that Lobe’s employees and the professionals practising in its clinics should be happy at home and at work. Time flies when you’re having fun, and that has a ripple effect that spreads far beyond the walls of our clinics. There’s no doubt: happiness can be found at Lobe.

To help us walk the talk, we organize activities within our network that strengthen the relationships between our teams. Our internal social network, Yammer, also lets us share our colleagues’ successes with the whole Lobe family.

Listening to employees

We regularly survey the entire Lobe network to determine how happy employees are at work. Questions are asked randomly, and answers and comments are anonymous. We also ask our employees to share their suggestions for ways to make their workplace even more enjoyable. We value this feedback, which helps us contribute to their well-being every single day.

But that’s not all. A number of benefits make working at Lobe even more appealing. For example, we encourage a healthy, active lifestyle by providing all employees with an annual fitness allowance.

In short, everyone wants to work at Lobe because it fosters happiness in and outside the office!